Instructions for uploading your images to the gallery

1. Click on 'Pictures' link on main page
2. Click on 'Login' link in upper right of gallery page
3. Type in username "admin" (without the quotes)
4. Type in the password of "mikepics" (without the quotes)
5. Hit enter on your keyboard or click on the 'Login' icon
6. Click on 'Add Items' link on the left side of the page
7. Click on the 'Browse' icon until you find the image on your computer
8. Double click on the image name to populate the location
9. You can add a caption if you wish in the caption box
10. If you have several images to upload, click on the 'More Upload Boxes' link
11. Please note that you can only upload 8MB at one time
12. Once all the images have been chosen for upload, click the 'Add Items' icon

Please be sure the 'Create thumbnails now' box is checked before uploading

To save any picture in the gallery, simply right-click on the one you want and click 'save picture as'
and choose the location where you wish to save the image.